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Green Leaves Hanging Plant

৳ 300.00

  • Flower & Semi-Indoor Type plant
  • Decorate your Home Indoor /Outdoor or your Work Place with Touch of Nature
  • Natural way to Clean your air : add oxygen, filter toxins
  • It is tough, durable and responds well to normal house plant care
  • Excellent for home, office or apartment
  • Great gift item for everyone
  • Prefers bright, indirect light or artificial light
  • Keep evenly moist, not wet or dry
  • We shift this item only inside of Dhaka City

NB: We shift this item only inside of Dhaka city and Delivery charge for single plant 75tk, up to 5 plants 50tk per plant, more than 5 plants charge will negotiable.


Green Leaves

When you embellish interior spaces with houseplants, you’re not just adding greenery. These living organisms interact with your body, mind and home in ways that enhance the quality of life.

Yes, you can grow your own fresh air! Four great fresh air house plants to purify the air in your home or. Fresh air free from toxins is important in your home and work – both places can often contain more toxins than outdoor air!

Breathing Easier

When you breathe, your body takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. During photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This opposite pattern of gas use makes plant’s and people natural partners. Adding plants to interior spaces can increase oxygen levels.

Releasing Water

As part of the photosynthetic and respiratory processes, plants release moisture vapor, which increases humidity of the air around them. Plant’s release roughly 97 percent of the water they take in. Place several plant’s together, and you can increase the humidity of a room, which helps keeps respiratory distresses at bay.

Purifying Air

Modern climate-controlled, air-tight buildings trap VOCs inside. The NASA research discovered that plants purify that trapped air by pulling contaminants into soil, where root zone microorganisms convert VOCs into food for the plant.

Improving Health

Adding plant’s to hospital rooms speeds recovery rates of surgical patients, according to researchers at Kansas State University. Compared to patients in rooms without indoor plants , patients in rooms with plant’s request less pain medication, have lower heart rates and blood pressure, experience less fatigue and anxiety, and are released from the hospital sooner.

Sharpening Focus

A study at The Royal College of Agriculture in Circencester, England, found that students demonstrate 70 percent greater attentiveness when they’re taught in rooms containing plant’s. In the same study, attendance was also higher for lectures given in classrooms with indoor plants .

When you embellish interior spaces with house indoor plants, you’re not just adding greenery. These living organisms interact with your body, mind and home