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Events & Resourcing

Any event management company can help you choose people, organize catering or find a place for your event. It takes a real partner to get to know your business, understand your objectives, and design and deliver an event that will help you achieve your goals.

At RecallGreen, we believe that every event is unique, with its own objectives and challenges. We also know that in order to deliver a successful event, you need an event management partner that understands your thinking. Our Expert & Experienced team will be part of your business and assist you to achieve your goal.

Our Services

Project administration and management

Registration management and support

Event branding and marketing

Event communications and promotion

Print production and management

Volunteer/ Crowd management

Social event planning

Logistics & operations management

Headcount services

Office maintenance people management

We believe events are much more than parties and conferences. Events connect people, breed innovation, build communities, and make change.