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Plant Rental & Maintenance Services

We supply plants and plant-related products to help green-feel your office, workplace and home.
We are confident that we have a solution to meet your budget and choice.
Choose from our vast selection of plants and pots to design fantastic-looking plant displays. And, if you are looking for something different, living wall, living art, replica trees, flowers are some of the other products we offer to transform your indoor or outdoor space.
If you are looking for quality office plants, we offer a rental service with an inclusive maintenance contract, or you can buy plants from our wide range of own nursery.

What Plant Can Give You

Improve air quality and humidity level, reduce stress
Make people calmer and happier, Reduce workplace negativity
Reduce symptoms of discomfort and minor elements; Reduce absenteeism, speed up recovery from illness
Improve concentration, productivity and creativity
Save energy, absorb noise
Increase shopper stay-time when used in shopping malls

Plant and Plant Maintenance

Keeping plant life requires deft skill and proven experienced care.

Our Plant Specialists are office/indoor plant service experts and trained to properly water, clean, prune and feed your plants.

We can assure that your plants would look healthy, vibrant and beautiful- every day.