Osmocote 13-13-13 Size 1kg

৳ 2,500

Osmocote formula 13-13-13 size 1 kg

Contains: guaranteed quantity of nutrients

Total Nitrogen (N) 13%

Beneficial phosphate (P2O5) 13%

Soluble potass (K2O) 13%

Suitable for orchids, ornamental flowers, vegetables, potted plants, ground cover plants, shrubs, perennial plants both inside and outside office buildings or homes, such as orchids, roses, hibiscus, adenium, frangipani, Poison, cactus, agronema, xanadu, jasmine, anthurium, koson, palm. Decorated with red areca, green areca, mok, chili, basil, basil, cucumber, yardlong beans and fruit trees such as mango, pomelo, lemon, jackfruit, guava, rose apple, etc